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Thursday 16.06.2011


by Chris Weiß, Nuremberg / Erlenstegen, Mozartstraße & Bülowstraße, 4:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. began a series of “test throws” in Nuremberg following a successful pilot throw on January 20, 2011 in the Nibelungenviertel in Nuremberg. These occurred on June 16, 2011 between 16:30 and 17:00 hours in the prosperous Erlenstegen district.

The aim of the “test throws” was originally the delivery of a Postwurf shipment to the Diehl Industrial Family in the urban Erlenstegen district of Nuremberg. Since it was impossible until now to determine the exact address, there was spontaneous work at two properties in Mozart Street and Buelow Street. Two Michael Dietlinger linocuts on linoleum with gold dust from his Ich vermute Terroristen (I suspect terrorists) print were thrown.

The attending Barbara Engelhard, Michael Dietlinger, Ralf Schmitt and Christian Weiss were observed continuously by attentive residents in Buelow Street. The corresponding quotation: “Anyone appearing in such numbers arouses suspicion”. According to Michael Dietlinger the police were already there anyway.

In the meantime the occupant of the property on Mozart Street has already touched base with Post and asked for the personal collection of the work.

In addition to this the artist Ottmar Hoerl has made a few examples of his Landminen-Multiples available. Another attempt at delivery to the Diehl Family was conducted using these landmines.

•    pays a visit to deliver art
•    is an art gallery without conventional premises
•    approximately 15 artists are currently represented by
•    a delivery may take place accompanied by various protagonists
•    people and their cultural empathy are called on is a Christian Weiss project and was to be experienced from June 20th until July 5th with forschungsgruppe_f in Bamberg under the work titled “Kunst zum Bürger bringen” (bring art to citizens). The work Ich vermute Terroristen was delivered in the course of a riot in the Bamberg correctional facility. Both of the 2011 cultural capitals of Europe, Turku and Tallinn are being visited in July within the expanded scope of the project by Florian Tuercke. At the end of July 2011 is active in the Völkinger Hütte world heritage site within the framework of the symposium. Committed franchisees will throw in Texas in the Fall of 2011. In the entire region of southern Germany from August to December 2011, within the limits of city aid money. works by converging at one location, a private piece of property – preferably by throwing something over the fence, over the wall into the premises, into the garden or into the front garden. Even dropping in or rappelling and similar expedient techniques are considered.

The modus operandi of aggressive product advertising are being adapted to promote young art but primarily to promote young artists. We are barely able to protect ourselves against parasitic audio, video and printed matter of public areas in everyday life. But we are also only “safe” with reservations in a private room.

• is an experiment of the art market with an unpredictable outlet
• uses as an investigative tool for its own alignment
• will attend PREVIEW BERLIN 2012

The visit / the delivery is not necessarily noticed by the recipient immediately. For the most part the process is executed quickly but it is dependent on the specific requirements of the individual works.

The more complex and more logistically demanding goods to be delivered are a component of the discourse with the artists. Large bronze statues, for example, have to be delivered with the aid of a crane or a helicopter.

The addresses of those visited are handled with discretion because the visit quite clearly boils down to the intent to realize a profit.

The website (currently only available in German) serves for documentation of the project.

Postwurf-delivery in the Bamberg correctional facility

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