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14.6. – 14.09.2011

Join “City Friends”

by Barbara Engelhard, 90766 Fürth (Bavaria)

unterwegs - Vacher Strasse, Fürth

Vacher Strasse in Fürth

Globally we know everyone. In Berlin, Munich, Mainz, Stuttgart, also Krakau, Paris, Gomera, Mexico City, Mumbai, …

Stress, no time, work and moving frequently result in not knowing people in your own city, not even your neighbors.

To stop the anonymity, I commit myself to 3 months 0f living differently - of going out and meeting fellow citizens of my hometown Fuerth in Franconia, Germany. I´m going to ring door bells at unknown flats and houses, and get to know my fellow citizens of Fürth.
I am starting my quest out of curiosity and am excited to find out what´s going to happen.

If someone is at home and invites me in, with their permission, I´m going take a picture of us together in a setting of the citizen’s choosing – imagine me and my new acquaintances in living rooms, at kitchen tables or on balcony, documenting our new friendships with photos.

I want to invite other people, here and in other cities, to do the same: Let’s all get to know our fellow citizens, and let’s make friends.

Collected quotes and experiences during the friendship tour:

– are afraid of pets.
– what do I need from these other people?
– some neighbors are unknown.
– people move out, move in.
– no time to take care of the neigbourhood.
– leaving early to work and then coming home late.
– ring the bell at an apartment and come into a hairdresser’s through the back room - the bell is for the postman.
– no, I have no time for you, this is not for me.
– people are in the garden and harvesting cherries – invite me in - I get some cherries as a present.
– the name of the cherry tree is Werner-Hans, because Werner fell from the tree.
– the neighborhood is in order here.
– today people arrange meetings only through facebook.
– Fuerth does not draw new people, but holds to old ones!
– the garden is our second living romm.
Fürth is cheap.
– I lived in another city for 6 years. Now I’ve moved back an I never want to leave again.
– Fürth is adorable, cozy, and has its own character.
– Fürth has It’s own local patriotism.
– Fürth is a village and a city in one.
– someone sees me coming and thought, hopefully not a Jehovah‘s Witness!
– the neighborhood ist normal.
- I love Fürth!
– there are nice neighbors and others.

– there are conversations - I’m told stories of Fürth.
– cloverleaf city and city of monuments.
– city of the Quelle mailorder company.
– here is my girlfriend and my job - there is little contact with the neighbors
– Fürth is simply super.
– I’m sent away - no time.
– know the neighbors very little. perhaps 1, 2 people.
– chocolates are given to me, and I get an explanation of where the true cradle of Germany is.
– I’m sent on to the neighbours, and the bell is rung for me.
– FÜ = “Fahrer übt” (German pun - “driver practicing”).
– I am fan of Fürth.
– Fürth is nice.
– the city has too few stores and things to offer.
I ring at the door and hear footsteps – am being watched through the peephole, but no one opens. I continue on my way.
– we already know the neighbors - everyone helps each other occasionally.
– Fuerth has potential.
– Fürth is culture.
– Fürth is my home.


01 Marvin – student, Vacher Strasse, Fürth
02 Helga –  civil servant retiree, Am Grünerpark, Fürth
03 Artur – worker at Playmobil, Vacher Strasse, Fürth
04 Kerstin and Ingrid – hair dressers, Cadolzburger Strasse, Fürth
05 Conny –  customer service agent, Gutenbergstrasse, Fürth
06 Theo, Frieda, Sigrid, Gudrun, Werner – retirees, Hardstrasse, Fürth
07 Ute and Juergen – banker and police officer, Limusstrasse Fürth
08 Daniela, Elias, Cheyen – homemaker and mom, kindergarten child, dog, Billinganlage, Fürth
09 Thomas – postman from Nordbayernpost in my livingarea, Fürth
10 Nina – designer, Gustavstrasse, Fürth
13 Hanna - software developer, Ullsteinstrasse, Fürth
12 Wally -  homemaker, Königswarterstrasse, Fürth
13 Thora - medical office assitant, Hornschuchpromenade, Fürth
14 Ingrid - nursery school teacher, Hornschuchpromenade, Fürth
15 Hartmut - master craftsman, Vacher Strasse, Fürth
16 Josefa und Uri Maria - retirees, Stiller Winkel, Fürth
17 Marc - digital media designer, Stiller Winkel, Fürth
18 Conny with Prenz -  room beautician with Huski, Quäkerstrasse, Fürth
19 Grischa - mechanical engineer, Quäkerstrasse, Fürth
20 Andrea und Angelina - real estate agent and business administrator, Emdener Strasse, Fürth, no image
21 Wolfgang, Flores, Pablo, Yaqui - mecanical engineer, artist, student, dog, Emdener Strasse, Fürth

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