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Join “Collisions & Coalitions”

by Ralf Schmitt, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, room HP05, van de Velde-Bau, Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 7, 99423 Weimar, 10 am – noon

Ralf Schmitt “Attempt at an Educational Film” (02:10)

There are different languages and intentions regarding the way in which art is addressed and who speaks about art in public space. What do sociologists say, what do passers-by wish for, what do art scholars formulate, what do philosophers think… and what do artists say and, above all, do?

In 2001, Manuela Ammer, Heike Eipeldauer and Heimo Zobernig published the draft of a “brief encyclopedia on art & the city/art and architecture/art and history/art and society/art and exhibition/art and the public” in the reader “Public Art” edited by Florian Matzner.

At issue is therefore the field of tension between collisions and coalitions. Does art have to be “meaningful” as is stated in the film? What are our evaluation criteria? It is about getting to know, probing and exchanging different concepts, methods, contents, experiences, and motivations, it is about criticism and self-criticism.

Without persuading
Without stylizing
Without lecturing

And if need be, also with the friendly support of Tati, Loriot and the “Carnival of the Animals”. So much to the sound and vision.

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