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Join “Auraakkumulator (AAKKU)”

by Michael Dietlinger, Wildeppenried

Auraakkumulator (AAKKU)

The Auraakkumulator (AAKKU) is a multi-use storage device for aura energy based on the universal effect system.
It is therefore excellent for giving meaningless objects great value.

The re-auratization of an object is handled in three phases.

In the first phase it is cleaned.
In the second phase it is strengthened.
In the third phase it is refined into art.

The object is art now and radiates with new luster and significance.

Additional AAKKU units include:
AAKKU Recorder, AAKKU Player, AAKKU Strengthener, AAKKU Copier AAKKU Memory Storage, AAKKU Converter.

Determine the object, that you will auratize by thinking on it. The user turns on the Auraakkumulator by pressing the switch.

The Auraakkumulator is on.
Think on the object.
The smaller the distance between the object and the Auraakkumulator - the faster the object is refined into art.
When the object is completely art, operate the switch again.
The Auraakkumulator is off.

The object is art now and in it’s new luster and significance.

When you have re-auratized 49 objects the Auraakkumulator will be empty.
To recharge your Auraaccumulator, visit the website and click AAKKU_charging. 
Do not use an uncharged Auraakkumulator.
Use the product properly.

ARTIS PLENA SUNT OMNIA - Everything is full of art.

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